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DC Power Co Solar Battery Package + install

We want our customers to have a choice over who installs their solar battery, but we also know convenience is key. So we’re teaming up with our trusted installation partner Service Stream to offer our DC Power Co Solar Battery Package with installation. 


How does it work?

If you’re in Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Perth or Brisbane, you can get your DC Power Co Solar Battery Package installed by Service Stream starting at $1815 (however the exact cost depends on a number of factors). 

Prefer to go with your own, trusted installer? No worries, you can choose your own installer and organise installation with them yourself. It’s up to you. 

If you’re in the country, Service Stream might still be able to install your battery, but there may be additional travel costs to consider if you’re more than 50km from a city centre. Alternatively, we recommend using our DC Installer Guide to choose your own local, accredited installer.  


Why isn’t installation included in the price of the DC Power Co Solar Battery Package?

The DC Power Co Solar Battery Package comes separate from installation to give you control over who installs your battery and to help keep costs down. 

With a typical battery installation, think of it like you would a builder doing a renovation – each varies in quality and price. With our battery package, it’s like you’re buying a flatpack kitchen and getting someone in to install it for you, rather than getting a bespoke kitchen designed from scratch.

This is one of a few reasons why we’ve been able to make our battery package one of the cheapest in the market. Here are some of the other ways we can keep you costs down:

  • Our direct-to-you model avoids a long line of sales people taking a cut.
  • Modular design means that you can easily tailor your system to suit your needs. 
  • AC-coupled (or DC-coupled), so it can sit alongside your solar system and not impact existing warranties.
  • Free delivery, so you don’t have to pay for your installer to pick it up. 


Want to find out more?

The DC Power Co Solar Battery Package comes with great warranties and blackout protection included. The modular design means that you can get one, two or three batteries as part of your package to easily tailor your system to suit your needs. 

View the DC Power Co Solar Battery Package


Don’t have solar panels yet? Our solar and battery package is designed for people adding solar and a battery at the same time. It combines world leading solar panels, an Australian-designed battery system and local, experienced installers. Find out more here. 

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