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On this page, we answer some of the most commonly asked DC Power Co Solar Battery Package questions. We cover the products, installation, costs, blackout protection and battery sizing. For more specific questions, visit our Help page


The package

What products are included in the battery package?

The package includes the Sungrow 4.8kWh Battery, the Sungrow 5kW Hybrid Inverter and the Sungrow Emergency Blackout Box. Click on the link on each product to view the product specifications.

I already have a solar inverter. Do I need the Hybrid Inverter?

Yes. Hybrid Inverters (also known as battery-ready inverters) work differently to standard solar inverters, and all batteries need a Hybrid Inverter to work. 

How long will the battery last?

This solar battery package comes with extended warranties exclusive to the DC Power Co Solar Battery Package, so you can be confident your battery system will perform over the long term. The battery itself comes with a 10 year manufacturers warranty and the inverter comes with 12 years – that’s an extra 7 years warranty on the hybrid inverter compared to the standard 5 years.  

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What size solar battery is right for me? Should I get a bigger one like a Tesla Powerwall 2?

Only around 20% of Australian solar households need a big battery, like a Tesla Powerwall 2. The other 80% couldn’t actually fill a battery that big with their solar system, so they’d be forking out for extra capacity that they couldn’t utilise. 

The goal is to get a battery that you can use all year round. Our package’s 4.8kWh battery is a good size for around 40% of solar households, while the 9.6kWh battery package will be suitable for another 40% of solar households. 

The risk these 80% of households run if they get a battery that’s too big is that they may not be able to fill it up in winter, because their solar system will generate less electricity at that time of year. 

To help you work out the right size for you, we’ve built the DC Sizing Calculator. All you’ll need is a copy of your winter power bill. 

Go to the DC Sizing Calculator 


Deposit and payment

How much does the battery package cost?

The DC Power Co Solar Battery Package costs $5850 plus installation (see below for more information about installation). That’s over $7800 worth of value for less than $6000, making the DC Power Co Solar Battery Package one of the most affordable high-quality solar batteries available. Click here to find out why it’s so much cheaper.

You can add a second or third battery module to your DC Power Co Solar Battery Package for extra capacity. Each additional battery costs $3450. 

Please note, this price will rise on 1 May 2020 because of uncertainties in the supply chain due to COVID-19.

Are there financing options available?

The DC Power Co Solar Battery Package is one of the most affordable solar batteries available, but we know it’s still a big investment. There are several options for financing your solar battery. These could include:

  • Adding your battery package to your home loan
  • Other low interest alternatives like green loans
  • Low rate credit cards

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How is the battery installed with my existing solar system?

The DC Power Co Solar Battery Packagee can be installed alongside your current solar system (this is called AC coupled) which means your solar system and battery both connect into your switchboard. Alternatively it can be installed so that your solar panels connect directly into the Hybrid Inverter and therefore replaces your existing solar inverter (this is called DC coupled).

We recommend AC coupling your battery package if you have an existing solar system because it’s a simpler and usually cheaper way to install the battery with your solar system. This is because it requires no alteration to your solar system and hence has no impact on your existing solar warranties. 

We recommend DC coupling your battery package if you’re installing it at the same time as a new solar system. This is because it will allow both your battery and solar panels to work in the event of a blackout (as opposed to just the battery in the case of AC coupling).

Who installs my solar battery package?

You can choose your own, trusted installer to connect your battery package or go with our trusted installation partner Service Stream. Find out more about installation with Service Stream here or use our DC Installer Guide to help in choosing your own installer. 

How much does installation cost?

Installation starts at $1595, but the exact cost depends on a number of factors including the material your house is made of and other additional work that may be required (e.g. switchboard updates). For more information, check out our indicative price guide.

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Blackout protection

How does the Emergency Blackout Box work?

The DC Power Co Solar Battery Package comes with Emergency Power Supply (EPS) which provides back-up power to a few circuits in your home (up to 3000W) in the event of a power outage. You can choose which circuits you’d like to connect, for example your fridge & freezer, the wifi, the television, some lights, or whatever appliances you most need during a blackout. 

How long will the solar battery last in a blackout?

It depends how much energy you’re using in your home at the time, which appliances you have connected and how much energy is reserved in your battery. 

For example, if your 4.8kWh battery is fully charged at the time of a blackout, you could run your lights, a fridge and a TV for around 10 hours, depending on how energy-hungry those appliances are. In this scenario, the 9.6kWh battery might last around 20 hours and the 14.4kWh battery could last around 30 hours. 

To ensure you have energy stored in your battery for a blackout, you can set a ‘reserve capacity’ which would guarantee a certain level of charge to be available at all times.

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General solar battery questions

Is it worth getting a solar battery?

We believe a solar battery could be a good choice for most solar owners with a solar system of 2kW or more. To answer this question for yourself, think about what a solar battery could offer you. Batteries can help lower your energy bills, give you security in a blackout and insulate you from the 10-year trend of rising electricity prices. 

One of the main things people weigh up against these benefits is cost, which is why we designed the DC Power Co Solar Battery Package to be one of the most affordable solar batteries available. 

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Is solar battery technology safe and up to scratch?

The short answer is yes. Lithium-ion is the most popular type of battery and has been in our homes for years powering our laptops and phones. 

We’re getting continuously smarter and more efficient with this tech and new solar battery models are released every year. While it may be tempting to wait ‘until the next one’, what we’re seeing today are mainly incremental improvements. Not to mention, the longer you hold off getting a solar battery, the longer you’re missing out on the savings!

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