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Providing you choice for your battery installation

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Finding an installer

When it comes to finding an installer, we’re with you every step of the way. It’s important to go with an installer who is accredited for battery installations by the Clean Energy Council, so use their installer map or choose a DC recommended installer.

If you use the Clean Energy Council map, simply enter your suburb or postcode in the search bar and click the orange button next to it to select ‘Battery Storage’. (The Clean Energy Council map doesn’t work on Internet Explorer, so please use another browser).

DC Sunny Saver battery package

Requesting a quote and cost

Once you’ve found a few installers, you’ll want to request a quote. Typically, the cost of a standard installation is $1500-$2200 depending on your home. To make it simple for you, we provide a Request for Quote with all the details about the job. Simply download and send it to the installer. They’ll ask for a few more details too, including where your house is and roughly when you’d like your installation to take place.

Make sure you speak to a few installers to get a range of quotes. Once you’ve picked someone, they’ll organise an installation date and could visit your house beforehand to confirm details.

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Keeping your costs down

Here at DC Power Co, we want to keep your costs down and give you control over who installs your battery. Often solar retailers add a significant profit margin when they sell a package with installation. They also charge you for their time to go pick up and deliver the battery. With the DC Power Co Solar Battery Package, you can just pay for what the installation costs, skip the large overheads, and get free delivery straight to your door.

Solar battery package

Getting a good install experience

While most installers should be happy to take your installation, because we’re cutting their profits a little some may be unhappy about that. If an installer tries to dissuade you from the DC Power Co Solar Battery Package, sell you one of their batteries or a panel upgrade, have confidence you’ve made the right decision. Choose an installer that isn’t just trying to sell you more and gives you a good experience. If you love your installer, let us know! We’d love to share their details with our customers in your area. Email us at [email protected].

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