Installation of the solar battery package

Installation of the DC Power Co Solar Battery Package starts at $1815 for a standard brick/cement house installation. Standard weatherboard installations start at $2270.

Because everyone’s house is different, there are a few additional elements that will affect the final price you pay. See below for examples and standard inclusions.


Are you in a metro area?

You can get your DC Power Co Solar Battery Package installed by our experienced install partner, Service Stream. Simply select ‘Get an installation quote from Service Stream’ when you place your deposit. Alternatively, choose your own installer using our handy DC Installer Guide.


Are you regional?

Use the DC Installer Guide to find an accredited installer in your area or use a local installer you know and trust already. Service Stream can also install your battery, but there may be additional travel costs.

If you’re unsure about the installation, you can discuss your needs with Service Stream or your local installer. 

Your installation costs will vary depending on your home, here are three examples

Standard installation of solar and battery

Installed in a garage

Your battery can be installed in your garage, but this will require a bollard to be installed (additional $185 and, as it's an internal wall, a fireproof backing (additional $175) to comply with safety regulations. This home is in Victoria so an Energy Safe Victoria inspection is required (additional $180).

Weatherboard home with switchboard works required

Weatherboard installations require a structural board and fireproof backing (additional $450). This install also requires a weatherproof enclosure for the battery system (additional $370) and some extra work to the switchboard (additional $99).

Installed on the opposite wall to the switchboard

If you have your battery installed further away from your switchboard, extra cabling will be required (in this case and additional $65). This install also requires a switchboard upgrade (additional $910) and a canopy to block sunlight from hitting the battery directly (additional $300).

Please note, these are indicative prices only and you’ll need a formal quote from your chosen installer to understand what it will cost for you.


Indicative standard inclusions: Indicative standard exclusions
Cable – AC & DC (assuming the battery and inverter installation is within 7 meters of main switch board) Structural backing board
Battery isolator Fireproof cement sheet
AC isolator Concrete plinth
Circuit breakers x 2 Bollard
Extras – electrical conduit, cable ties etc Residual current devices for your switchboard
Electrical Sub-board
Electrical inspection fee (ACT/VIC)


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