Crowdfunding Round 2: Your questions answered

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DC Power Co team

In 2018, 12,500 Australians invested in a new company for solar households, DC Power Co. We’ve now launched our second crowdfunding campaign so our CEO Nic sat down with Community Manager Ash to answer some of our investors’ questions. 


Crowdfunding for change: we need scale

The future of energy is renewable, however the government and industry don’t support solar homes to make this change. So we need to come together to fundamentally change the system and support households to push back. This means we need to grow a lot in a very short amount of time and we need funding to achieve that.


Funding people, growth & our big Aussie battery

The crowdfunding investment will be used to accelerate the growth of the business, to build the platforms required to support tens of thousands of households batteries, to support the development of our industry-leading solar services, and to pay our team’s wages.


More crowdfunding to come

As a startup, further capital raises are likely if we’re going to become big enough to be a force in the Australian energy industry.


St Baker Energy Innovation Fund investment

The St Baker Energy Innovation Fund is dedicated to investing in transformative companies across the energy sector and they believe in DC Power Co enough to invest a significant amount of money in us. This is an amazing vote of confidence in our business model and your investment, and is the reason we’re able to be here at all. 

The fund was started by Trevor St Baker, who is passionate about energy across the board and that includes investment in coal. While we don’t agree with this position, Trevor himself is not the investor. The fund is. The fund’s CEO sits on the DC Power Co board alongside your representative Julia. He has a long history in renewables and is an excellent board member.



Please see CSF risk warning & offer doc before investing.

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