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How long do solar panels last?

How long do solar panels last?

Solar panels should last at least 25 years, however this doesn’t mean they simply stop working after that time. Solar panels can continue to generate […]

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How many solar panels do I need?

As a general rule, a typical small household (1-2 people) needs a 2kW solar system (or ~8 solar panels), a medium household (2-3 people) needs […]

How does a battery work - DC Power Co

How does a solar battery work?

Solar batteries store the electricity produced by your solar system to be used at any time of the day or night, whether the sun’s shining […]

How does solar power work

How does solar power work?

Solar systems convert sunlight into solar power. The solar panels absorb sunlight and the solar inverter converts that power into electricity to be used in […]

Beat declining FiTs - DC Power Co

There’s only one way to beat declining FiTs

Solar-powered homes are making electricity cheaper for all of us, whether you have solar or not. Currently there are 2 million solar homes in Australia […]

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Energy essentials for a new home

For many people, their home is their biggest asset. So when it comes to building or buying your dream home, it’s important to strike the […]

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What you should know about the future of solar batteries

Around 4 million Australian homes will have solar panels on their roofs by 2030. The trend is undeniable – solar is the way to go […]

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What’s so good about a solar battery?

Did you know some power companies focus on attracting new customers at the expense of their loyal, long-term customers? Here at DC Power Co, we […]

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Dawn of the solar battery era: Why getting a solar battery is making more and more sense

With more than 2 million homes with rooftop solar, Australia has for several years seemed like it was on the verge of a solar battery […]