Getting battery storage

6 reasons to get a solar battery at the same time as solar panels

If you’re thinking about getting solar panels, you might have thought about whether it’s worth investing in a solar battery at the same time. There […]

redbak single phase

Our new solar and battery package launches in NSW and SE QLD

If there’s one thing this year has taught us, it’s that you never know what’s coming. So it’s no surprise that many Australians are signaling […]

Solar rebates: Victoria

Through its Solar Homes Program, the Victorian Government has solar rebates available for solar panels, solar batteries and solar hot water systems, as well as […]

Top 5 things you need to know about solar and battery warranties

Renewable energy assets – your solar panels and solar batteries – are considerable, long-term investments. That’s why it’s important to know you’re getting good products […]

DC Sunny Saver

How our Sungrow battery outperforms others

When you’re looking at investing in a solar battery, performance is critical. But how can you know whether manufacturing claims, or even retailer claims, are […]

Can I go off-grid with DC’s battery package?

While not designed for large off-grid application, the DC Power Co Solar Battery Package is suitable for small off-grid installations. The Sungrow Hybrid Inverter (SH5K-30) […]

Solar battery vs electric vehicle: which should I use to power my home?

Have you ever wondered whether you could realistically use an electric vehicle to do what a solar battery traditionally does? That is, to not only […]

Why Australians are taking the solar battery leap now

Looking beyond payback: Why Australians are taking the solar battery leap now

Falling solar battery prices, rising energy costs and decreasing solar feed-in tariffs mean that solar batteries are now making financial sense for more and more […]

Who covers my solar battery warranties?

Just like solar panels, solar batteries come with warranties to guarantee the performance of the system over the long-term.  The average solar battery warranty is […]

How much could I save with a solar battery infographic

How much could I save with a solar battery?

If you’ve ever considered adding a solar battery to your solar system, you’ve probably thought about the potential savings it could deliver on your electricity […]