Renewable energy

Victoria powered by 50% renewable energy for the first time

Victoria hit a great milestone on the path to cleaner, cheaper energy last spring/summer, powering its electricity grid with 50% renewable energy for the first […]

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2021 Vision Statement

Be the power Be the power. Three simple words that started this company three years ago. Together, with almost 12,500 investors, we said let’s build […]

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What is a VPP and is it the energy model of the future?

A virtual power plant, or VPP, is an interconnected network of small-scale, distributed energy resources (like your home solar and battery system) that are linked […]

What is a renewable resource? - DC Power Co

What is a renewable resource?

A renewable resource is a naturally replenishing energy resource – it won’t run out. This includes sunlight (solar), wind, water (hydro) and heat from the […]

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Supporting a renewable future through ethical investment

You don’t need inside information to know the future of energy is in renewables. The question really is, how quickly will we get there? Australia […]

New homes being built on fresh land development

The future of energy and the power of your data

Australia’s solar homes have the potential to be incredibly powerful – they have three times the energy capacity of the country’s largest coal-fired power plant. […]

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What you should know about the future of solar batteries

Around 4 million Australian homes will have solar panels on their roofs by 2030. The trend is undeniable – solar is the way to go […]