Pricing and tariffs

Beware of asterisks: How to read your electricity bill to get the real story

We’ve all been there. Your electricity company sends you a bill, you open it up and you’re immediately hit with a wall of jargon, charges […]

The best FiT: Navigating the complex world of feed-in tariffs

Solar feed-in tariffs, known as FiTs and sometimes PFiTs, come in premium and standard form. They can mean returns of between 8c/kWh and around 75c/kWh […]

Five feed-in tariff myths busted

If you have solar panels, the rate your power company pays you for the solar electricity you export is called the feed-in tariff (or FiT). […]

Beware of pay on time discounts

Do you receive a pay on time discount? They sound like a really great thing for consumers, but they’re actually a way for power companies […]