Pricing and Tariffs

Beyond premium feed-in tariffs infographic

Beyond the 40c+ feed-in tariff. Where to next?

Are you lucky enough to be getting 40c or more for every kilowatt hour (kWh) of solar power you send to the grid? If so, […]

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Are coal and gas to blame for my rising energy bills?

Are you shocked by your electricity bill, but know you’re doing everything you can to keep your energy use down?  Maybe you already have solar […]

Electricity price trend graph

Why are my electricity bills going up?

Have you been feeling the pinch of increasing power prices? You’re not imagining it. The cost of electricity has risen almost 120% in the last […]

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Beware of asterisks: How to read your electricity bill to get the real story

We’ve all been there. Your electricity company sends you a bill, you open it up and you’re immediately hit with a wall of jargon, charges […]

Solar family

The best FiT: Navigating the complex world of feed-in tariffs

Solar feed-in tariffs, known as FiTs and sometimes PFiTs, come in premium and standard form. They can mean returns of between 8c/kWh and around 75c/kWh […]

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Five feed-in tariff myths busted

If you have solar panels, the rate your power company pays you for the solar electricity you export is called the feed-in tariff (or FiT). […]

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Beware of pay on time discounts

Do you receive a pay on time discount? They sound like a really great thing for consumers, but they’re actually a way for power companies […]