Electric vehicles

Melbourne to Adelaide charge path map

Melbourne to Adelaide electric vehicle charge path complete

Fancy driving between Melbourne and Adelaide in an electric vehicle? No problem! A new ultra-rapid electric vehicle charging station, from charging provider Chargefox, has opened […]

Solar battery vs electric vehicle: which should I use to power my home?

Have you ever wondered whether you could realistically use an electric vehicle to do what a solar battery traditionally does? That is, to not only […]

How do electric cars work - electric car illustration - DC Power Co

How do electric cars work?

Electric cars, otherwise known as electric vehicles or EVs, run on electricity rather than liquid fuels like petrol. This means they’re better for the environment […]

Johan charging electric vehicle

What it’s like to own an electric vehicle

By Johan Karlsson, DC Power Co’s product specialist   It’s hard to believe that there are currently less than 8000 electric vehicles on the roads […]