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Scott's solar battery story

Why I got a solar battery: Scott’s story

When it comes to getting a solar battery, Scott will tell you “there’s almost no reason not to do it.” Why? For Scott, a big […]


What to look for in a solar battery: Hazel’s story

If you’ve got a solar system, chances are you might have thought about getting a solar battery. They’re growing in popularity by the year, in […]

Couple looking at solar battery financing

Financing for solar batteries: what are your options?

At DC Power Co, we know that one of the hurdles for people looking to get a battery is the cost of investment. So we […]

DC Sunny Saver + Service Stream infographic

Battery installation your way. And it won’t break the bank

We want our customers to have a choice over who installs their solar battery, but we also know convenience is key. So we’re teaming up […]

How much does battery installation cost infographic

How much does it cost to get a solar battery installed?

Thinking about a solar battery but not sure how much the installation will cost? As a rough estimate, the cost of battery installation is usually […]

Infographic: how long will a 4.8kWh battery last in a blackout

How long will a 4.8kWh battery last in a blackout?

If the power goes out, because of extreme heat, fire or wild weather, there’s not usually much you can do about it. But if you’ve […]

Emma with her solar battery

Is a solar battery safe?

If you’re thinking about whether a solar battery might be right for your home, you might be wondering about safety. Like any household device, it’s […]

Ian Walker talking about his DC Sunny Saver battery package

Powering through blackouts: Ian’s solar battery story

For Ian Walker, the choice between a diesel generator and a solar battery was a no brainer.  Living in regional Victoria, Ian noticed the increasing […]

Homes with solar batteries

Pay less for your solar battery package

The DC Sunny Saver battery package is DC Power Co’s high-quality home storage solution that comes with blackout protection and extended warranties. It’s just $5850. […]

What causes blackouts? Weather, electricity spikes, emergencies, maintenance, human error. DC Power Co offers blackout protection.

What causes blackouts?

A blackout, also known as a power outage, can hit at any time. They often occur during extreme heat or severe storms however weather isn’t […]


Why I chose the DC Sunny Saver battery package

My name’s Emma Jenkin and I’m co-founder and Chief Financial Officer at DC Power Co. We recently launched our solar battery package, DC Sunny Saver, […]

DC Sunny Saver

DC Sunny Saver: the affordable solar battery package

Those of us who love solar power have been waiting for the right battery package to come along. One that’s efficient, high-quality and affordable. We’re […]