DC Sunny Saver

Homes with solar batteries

Pay less for your solar battery package

The DC Sunny Saver battery package is DC Power Co’s high-quality home storage solution that comes with blackout protection and extended warranties. It’s just $5850. […]

What causes blackouts? Weather, electricity spikes, emergencies, maintenance, human error. DC Power Co offers blackout protection.

What causes blackouts?

A blackout, also known as a power outage, can hit at any time. They often occur during extreme heat or severe storms however weather isn’t […]


Why I chose the DC Sunny Saver battery package

My name’s Emma Jenkin and I’m co-founder and Chief Financial Officer at DC Power Co. We recently launched our solar battery package, DC Sunny Saver, […]

DC Sunny Saver

DC Sunny Saver: the affordable solar battery package

Those of us who love solar power have been waiting for the right battery package to come along. One that’s efficient, high-quality and affordable. We’re […]