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Sungrow battery package

Why you need a hybrid inverter with your Sungrow Battery Package

If you’re ready to install the Sungrow Battery Package with your existing solar system, you might be wondering why you need the hybrid inverter when […]

What to expect from your solar battery at different times of the year

When you add a battery to your solar system, chances are you’ll notice a difference in the performance of your system between seasons.  Just like […]

Can I go off-grid with DC’s battery package?

While not designed for large off-grid application, the DC Power Co Solar Battery Package is suitable for small off-grid installations. The Sungrow Hybrid Inverter (SH5K-30) […]

How much space does the DC Power Co Solar Battery Package take up?

Does the DC Power Co Solar Battery Package take up much space?

The DC Power Co Solar Battery Package is our compact, streamlined solar battery option that can be installed outdoors (out of direct sunlight) or indoors in a […]