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Can I go off-grid with the DC Power Co Solar Battery Package?

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The DC Power Co Solar Battery Package comes with a backup box to keep your power on even when there’s a power outage, but it’s not designed to be an off-grid battery system. 

When installed with the backup box, the battery system can switch to “off-grid” mode in the event of a blackout. However this backup is designed to last a matter of hours or days at most. 

If you’re looking to go completely off-grid, meaning you want to disconnect your home from the electricity grid altogether, we recommend looking for a different solution. Consider your energy needs and the implication of sustained periods of low sunlight, and speak to an installer who specialises in off-grid system design. 


Looking for a grid-connected battery solution?

The DC Power Co Solar Battery Package is our high-quality, affordable solar battery offer that comes with backup power included at no extra cost. 

You can set a ‘reserve capacity’ to make sure there’s always some energy reserved in your battery in case of a power outage, and with extended warranties you can be confident you’ll be protected for the long run. 

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