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Top three reasons to monitor your solar system & electricity use

As a solar household, you should be paying around $538 less for electricity each year on average compared to someone without solar according to an […]

Unlock solar savings with tracking

A solar system is a big investment and, like any big investment, it’s important to know how it’s tracking and if you’re getting value from […]

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Beware of asterisks: How to read your electricity bill to get the real story

We’ve all been there. Your electricity company sends you a bill, you open it up and you’re immediately hit with a wall of jargon, charges […]

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What’s so good about a solar battery?

Did you know some power companies focus on attracting new customers at the expense of their loyal, long-term customers? Here at DC Power Co, we […]

Dawn of the solar battery era: Why getting a solar battery is making more and more sense

With more than 2 million homes with rooftop solar, Australia has for several years seemed like it was on the verge of a solar battery […]

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The best FiT: Navigating the complex world of feed-in tariffs

Solar feed-in tariffs, known as FiTs and sometimes PFiTs, come in premium and standard form. They can mean returns of between 8c/kWh and around 75c/kWh […]

Take back control of your solar power with a battery

Batteries are the hot topic in the world of solar power at the moment, in fact three-quarters of people that we asked say that they’d […]

Less solar stress, more time to focus on the important things: Mark’s story

Mark Fenech is the first to admit his pathway to solar success has sometimes been a rocky one. Even before his first watt of solar […]

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Harvesting the sun: how solar power is made, and why it means savings for you

Most of us know that solar panels convert sunlight to electricity. But how does this magic happen? And why does it mean big savings for […]

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Five feed-in tariff myths busted

If you have solar panels, the rate your power company pays you for the solar electricity you export is called the feed-in tariff (or FiT). […]

Put the power in your hands: Cameron’s story

Talk to any Australian with solar panels and there’s a fair chance they’ll tell you about a time that their system stopped producing power – […]