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7 questions to ask an electricity company when making the switch

So you’ve decided you want a better deal for your solar household? There are so many options when it comes to choosing a power company […]


Would you know if your solar system stopped working? There’s a 20% chance it isn’t

Solar panels are self-sufficient. This makes them a great way for busy families to save money on their electricity bills, however it also means it’s […]

Anne, DC Power Co customer

From ‘set and forget’ to ‘Oh my God’: Anne’s story

When Anne Walker took the plunge and installed solar panels five years ago, she joined the millions of Australians who, faced with complexity and a […]

Andrea standing in front of house

Be aware when you compare: most comparison websites aren’t built for solar households

If you’re a solar household shopping around for a better deal on electricity, it might seem like a no-brainer to use one of the popular […]

Top three reasons to monitor your solar system & electricity use

As a solar household, you should be paying around $538 less for electricity each year on average compared to someone without solar according to an […]

Unlock solar savings with tracking

A solar system is a big investment and, like any big investment, it’s important to know how it’s tracking and if you’re getting value from […]

Beware of asterisks: How to read your electricity bill to get the real story

We’ve all been there. Your electricity company sends you a bill, you open it up and you’re immediately hit with a wall of jargon, charges […]

What’s so good about a solar battery?

Did you know some power companies focus on attracting new customers at the expense of their loyal, long-term customers? Here at DC Power Co, we […]

Dawn of the solar battery era: Why getting a solar battery is making more and more sense

With more than 2 million homes with rooftop solar, Australia has for several years seemed like it was on the verge of a solar battery […]

The best FiT: Navigating the complex world of feed-in tariffs

Solar feed-in tariffs, known as FiTs and sometimes PFiTs, come in premium and standard form. They can mean returns of between 8c/kWh and around 75c/kWh […]