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Beware of pay on time discounts

Do you receive a pay on time discount? They sound like a really great thing for consumers, but they’re actually a way for power companies […]

Six ways to make your solar work harder: Solar Optimisation Guide

We all want lower electricity bills and if you’ve got solar, you’ve already taken the first step to achieve this. Well done – solar is […]

Why we’re giving away a year’s worth of free electricity

Here at DC Power Co, we’re looking forward to the day when we all have a $0 electricity bill. The decreasing cost of installing solar […]

Seven things you need to know before purchasing a solar system: Solar Buyer’s Guide

Thinking about getting solar but not sure where to start? With so many installers out there and a huge range of products available, installing a […]

That’s a wrap! Beta program in review

In late 2018, we launched our first electricity offer called DC Power Co Beta, exclusive to our investors and a small group of our first […]

Energy efficiency in summer

Summer is here and, as the temperature rises, often so do our power bills. While solar and other technologies can help, there are plenty of […]

Know when your solar isn’t working with Solar Alert

DC Power Co is built by solar people, for solar people. That’s why we’re developing a solar alert service for our customers, to let you […]

How does the DC Power Co app work?

DC Power Co is now up and running and so too, is our industry-leading app. Customers can now track their usage and solar exports, and […]

There’s a 20% chance your solar isn’t working. It’s about time your power company let you know.

“One in five rooftop solar systems are deficient and thousands of Australians are being denied lower power bills because their household solar delivers less electricity […]

How can the DC Power Co app help me reduce my power bill?

When it comes to lowering our electricity bills, knowledge is power. The best way to ensure our bills come down is to use electricity more […]

What to do when your old power company comes crawling back

Welcome to DC Power Co! We’re thrilled to have you on board, although chances are your old power company isn’t so thrilled you’re leaving them. […]

The A to Z of monitoring

Solar monitoring allows you to keep track of your solar. From generation to export to behind the meter usage, monitoring systems are the best way […]