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How many solar panels do I need?

As a general rule, a typical small household (1-2 people) needs a 2kW solar system (or ~8 solar panels), a medium household (2-3 people) needs […]

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How much are solar panels?

The question ‘how much do solar panels cost’ doesn’t have a one-size-fits-all answer. The price of a solar system depends on the size of the […]

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Why Australia can (and should) be powered by renewable energy

A whopping 25% of our Facebook followers that we surveyed last week think that  Australia can’t be powered by 100% renewable energy. This is a […]

What is a renewable resource? - DC Power Co

What is a renewable resource?

A renewable resource is a naturally replenishing energy resource – it won’t run out. This includes sunlight (solar), wind, water (hydro) and heat from the […]

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What is solar power?

Solar power is electricity that has been converted from sunlight, which means it’s a renewable energy resource. There are two ways to create solar power: […]

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How do electric cars work?

Electric cars, otherwise known as electric vehicles or EVs, run on electricity rather than liquid fuels like petrol. This means they’re better for the environment […]

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How does a solar battery work?

Solar batteries store the electricity produced by your solar system to be used at any time of the day or night, whether the sun’s shining […]

How does solar power work

How does solar power work?

Solar systems convert sunlight into solar power. The solar panels absorb sunlight and the solar inverter converts that power into electricity to be used in […]

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Take back the power: Crowdfunding for change

From banks to fashion chains and indeed energy companies, consumers are increasingly demanding more accountability and transparency from the businesses they buy from.  Crowdfunding, which […]

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There’s only one way to beat declining FiTs

Solar-powered homes are making electricity cheaper for all of us, whether you have solar or not. Currently there are 2 million solar homes in Australia […]

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Victoria’s solar rebates exhausted after three days

This month, the Victorian Government launched its Solar Homes program providing support for households installing solar and batteries. Between 2019-20, the Government will release 42,000 […]

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Are coal and gas to blame for my rising energy bills?

Are you shocked by your electricity bill, but know you’re doing everything you can to keep your energy use down?  Maybe you already have solar […]