The top 4 benefits of smart meters

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Smart meters have numerous benefits, from giving you greater visibility of your energy usage and solar exports to making estimated energy bills a thing of the past. 

They can do this because they read your meter remotely and send that data back to your power company every day. They record the data at half hour intervals, which means they’re incredibly accurate. 

So if you’re asking the question ‘why should I get a smart meter’, here are some of the reasons: 


See when and where you’re using energy 

One of the biggest benefits of smart meters is that the granular data they record allows for greater visibility of your energy usage. With this knowledge, you can better understand when and where you’re using electricity in your home which can help you adjust your usage and save money on your bill. 


Have greater visibility of your solar exports

Smart meters also record your solar exports which means you can see when your solar system is exporting the most electricity. By knowing this, you can take steps to use your energy-hungry appliances during these times and reduce the amount of electricity you have to buy when your solar system isn’t pumping out free solar power. 


Say goodbye to manual meter reads and estimated electricity bills

Because smart meters send your energy data to your power company remotely, you won’t have to have a meter reader coming around to do it manually anymore. Plus, your power company will receive your meter reads daily rather than quarterly, so you can say goodbye to estimated electricity bills once and for all. 


Get energy tracking and insights tools

It’s worth checking if your power company offers any energy tracking tools or insights services to help you access your smart meter data in an easily-digestible way.

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