The DC Power Co Team

2021 Vision Statement

Be the power Be the power. Three simple words that started this company three years ago. Together, with almost 12,500 investors, we said let’s build […]

Alicia in front of her Redback Smart Hybrid System

Local business leader calls for Ballarat to go renewable for Christmas

Press Release: 22 October 2020   Local business leader, Alicia Linley, is encouraging Ballarat households to get solar and a battery for Christmas to start […]

How much does it cost to get a solar battery installed?

Thinking about a solar battery but not sure how much the installation will cost? As a rough estimate, the cost of battery installation is usually […]

Solar Export

The A to Z of monitoring

Solar monitoring allows you to keep track of your solar. From generation to export to behind the meter usage, monitoring systems are the best way […]