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About DC Power Co

The energy industry has been the same for over a hundred years – power companies profit from selling customers electricity. Today, over 2 million of us have rooftop solar, which means we’re generating our own electricity. We no longer want to buy more electricity, we want to use less and save money.

That’s where DC Power Co comes in. We’re made for people with solar and people who want to get it. 

We help people move to renewables in their home via energy, solar insights, solar batteries and our solar and battery offer.


Our solar and battery package

Combining world leading solar panels, an Australian-designed battery system and local, experienced installers, our solar and battery package is an all-in-one, streamlined solution. Available in a range of sizes depending on your needs, this is an unbeatable choice for your first renewable energy investment.

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Our battery package

Already got solar panels? We’ve also designed a high-quality, affordable solar battery package, so you can harness your own solar energy and buy less from the grid. 

Using smart technology from Sungrow with Samsung battery cells, this battery package is designed to be retrofitted with almost any existing solar system so it won’t impact your existing solar warranties. With great warranties of its own and blackout protection included, it’s quality that doesn’t break the bank.

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Our energy services

We partner with Powershop to offer a different kind of energy service – our leading solar services plus their 100% carbon offset energy. You’ll receive personalised advice to help you optimise your solar system, use less electricity, reduce your bills, and save money.

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