A power company for solar people, by solar people

The only power company specialising in solar

A team dedicated to lowering your bills and enabling your independence.

You invested a lot in your solar panels, and we want to honour that investment. There is no-one better to make your solar work harder than the team who are committed to your electricity independence. We want lower electricity bills to be a reality for all Australians.


No vested interest in selling you more

Solar households are unique, which is why our business model is too.

We have no vested interest in getting you to use electricity from the grid and no financial interest in selling you more. Our capped $10 (GST exc) monthly DC Fee isn’t hidden in your usage rate, it’s called out on your bill. We believe in transparent pricing so you know exactly where your dollar is going.


Customer-owned and 100% customer focused

Funded by over 12,500 Australians and driven to make solar work harder.

We are a team of solar specialists who’ve been crowdfunded by the community to make solar more practical, profitable and high performance. From delivering excellent service, to advocating for change within the industry, we always have our customers front and centre. And with 12,500 Australians owning a piece of DC Power Co, when they talk we listen.


The Board

Nic Frances Gilley


Social entrepreneur and Founder of Easy Being Green and Cool nrg. Nic is a true visionary always looking for ways to improve the world and find a better deal …

Monique Conheady

Co-founder and Director

Engineer turned marketer, Monique is the founder of car-sharing disruptor Flexicar. She led the Hertz marketing team before becoming a board member for a range of companies aimed at …

Andrew Liang


Andrew is a Board member with a focus on governance and finance. Andrew worked for over forty years at BP until he became a core part of the formation …

Julia Agostino


Julia is an equity crowdfunding shareholder and is responsible for representing the crowdfunding investors on the Board. With legal qualifications and experience working with all levels of government, Julia …

Rodger Whitby


Rodger is a senior executive with 30 years of experience in the international energy sector. His focus is on the commercial and wholesale trading aspects of energy, both as …

Chris Tierney

Company Secretary and Corporate Services

Chris is the Company Secretary and is responsible for corporate services including culture and development. A founding member of Cool nrg and central to the success of Easy Being …

The Team

Nic Frances Gilley

Co-founder and CEO

Social entrepreneur and Founder of Easy Being Green and Cool nrg. Nic is a true visionary always looking for ways to improve the world and find a better deal …

Emma Jenkin

Co-founder and Chief Financial Officer

Commodity trader, investment banker and key member of energy saving company Cool nrg. While working for UBS, Emma raised over $2B of IPO capital and managed a $1B commodity …

Nick Brass

Co-founder and Head of Product

Solar expert, co-founder of Energy Matters, and driving force of Cool nrg. Nick is now facilitating some of the country’s largest commercial and industrial solar plants.

Paul Watmough

Chief Customer Officer

Paul has over 20 years’ experience in energy retail sales and marketing in Australia and the UK. He has headed up sales and marketing at Simply Energy and has …

Yann Burden

Chief Technology Officer

Yann was CEO and co-founder of Billcap, a software company that delivers actionable energy insights to customers while delivering measurable value to energy companies. He has extensive international experience …

Liz Greenbank

Marketing and Communications Manager

As a digital strategy and marketing specialist Liz has spent her career working towards a more sustainable and inclusive community. Specialising in technology for the public good, she has …