The people powered solar startup

Harnessing the power of Australia’s 2.5 million solar homes

Be the power. Three simple words that started this company three years ago. Together, with almost 12,500 everyday Australians, we said let’s build a power company to support solar homes.

DC Power Co’s vision is an Australia powered by renewable energy. It was established because the energy industry, and government, don’t recognise two million solar homes as a critical part of the energy mix.

Whether it’s an energy offer backed by one of Australia’s leading renewable energy players, or solar and battery products that give you control of your energy, DC Power Co, the community-driven champion for solar energy, has your back.

Making your solar & battery investment simple

The team that gives you guidance, with no hard sell.

DC Power Co is a Melbourne-based startup that was established with the world’s largest crowdfunding campaign for the launch of a business. We’re backed by over 12,500 regular Australians, who have banded together to drive the renewable energy transition. Whether you’re looking to get solar and a battery, or get more out of your existing system, we put you, the customer, first. Read what customers say about us

DC Power Co - battery offer

Driving uptake of battery storage

Building the Big Aussie Battery, one home at a time.

Australia’s solar homes have three times the energy capacity of the country’s largest coal-fired power plant. It just needs to be unlocked with home battery storage. We have a vision for the future of energy in Australia that puts solar households at the centre. And we want government to take note. Read the white paper

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Doing things differently with world-leading expertise

One of the top 100 energy startups in the world.

DC Power Co has been named as one of the most innovative and promising energy start ups in the world two years running, named in the SET100 in both 2019 and 2020. The company was founded by a team of energy specialists and entrepreneurs with decades of experience delivering energy efficiency solutions across the globe.

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The Team

Liz Greenbank

General Manager

Yann Burden

Chief Customer Officer

Emma Jenkin

Co-founder & Head of Battery Projects

Matty Soccio

Head of Marketing & Communications

Johan Karlsson

Head of Products

Maddie Marino

Operations Manager

Ash Davies

Community Manager

Nick Brass

Co-founder & Special Advisor

Chris Tierney

Company Secretary and Corporate Services

Matt Langton

Customer Champion

The Board

Nic Frances Gilley

Co-founder & Executive Chair

Social entrepreneur and Founder of Easy Being Green and Cool nrg. Nic is a true visionary always looking for ways to improve the world and find a better deal …

Monique Conheady

Co-founder & Director

Engineer turned marketer, Monique is the founder of car-sharing disruptor Flexicar. She led the Hertz marketing team before becoming a board member for a range of companies aimed at …

Andrew Laing


Andrew is a Board member with a focus on governance and finance. Andrew worked for over forty years at BP until he became a core part of the formation …

Kirsten Gabel


Kirsten is an equity crowdfunding shareholder and is responsible for representing the crowdfunding investors on the Board. Kirsten has 20 years senior management experience in the areas of People …