2021 Vision Statement

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The DC Power Co Team

Be the power

Be the power. Three simple words that started this company three years ago. Together, with almost 12,500 investors, we said let’s build THE power company for solar homes. One with a vision of an Australia powered by renewables

We’ve come a long way as a business, but we are not there yet. There is more work to be done, and each and everyone of us have our part to play

This country needs a collective voice for solar homes. DC Power Co can be that voice, but only with your help.


Our promise

Our promise at the start was:

  1. Cost price electricity with a focus on a great feed-in tariff.
  2. Insights and advice for customers to maximise their solar system.
  3. Great deals on new energy products. 

You, our investors and supporters, have helped us achieve all of these things, plus a roadmap for Australian home battery storage that we took to state governments around the country. But we know you have been disappointed with our energy offer. We have been disappointed too.

The truth is it has been harder than any of us could have imagined. But now is the moment that I can say we have delivered on our promise. It just happens to look different to what we expected.


Teaming up with Tango Energy

We have left Powershop and joined forces with a new partner, Tango Energy. We now have a range of exclusive energy plans with Tango that I can hand-on-heart say, give solar homes (and even those without solar) truly low prices and a great feed-in tariff

Combined with our industry-leading Solar Alert, weekly DC Digest to help customers track their energy use and our new Energy Alert, plus the fact we’re one of the leading sellers of quality solar battery products, we have delivered.

As well as in the home, we are working on a mid-scale distributed battery strategy that will support the storage of your solar power and more renewables coming online.


New year, same vision

We are not a power company in the way you may have thought we’d be and we’re proud of that. We don’t look like other power companies, because most of them fundamentally don’t care about solar homes. We do. 

After all that 2020 has thrown at us, now is time to refocus, to re-energise, and to work together on the things that matter. We have demonstrated as a country that we can work together to get ahead of a pandemic. Let’s take that commitment and drive the clean energy transition

Tango Energy is a great partner to help us do that. They’re owned by Pacific Hydro Australia, one of Australia’s leading renewable energy players. Add your help, and we can continue getting more battery storage, large and small, into the grid. 


Want to help drive the renewable energy transition?

To build our collective voice for solar homes and drive the renewable energy transition, we’re asking you to do one thing – switch your energy plan today.

Together, we can be the power. But only together. Join me today and let’s get to work.



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