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Battery package

Rated 4.1 out of 5 by our customers, get simplicity from deposit to installation. This is an excellent quality battery solution that won't break the bank.

DC Sunny Saver battery package

Solar & battery

A complete package allowing you to use more of the energy you generate. Get transparent pricing, industry expertise, Australian-designed battery technology and no hard sell.

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Solar panels

Good for your wallet, good for the environment. Save $540 a year (on average) with solar panels. Our solar experts will walk you through your options and help you find the best fit.

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About DC Power Co

DC Power Co is made for solar households. We help people move to renewables in their home and make the most out of their solar and battery storage when they do. A Melbourne-based solar power startup with over 12,500 investors, we launched in 2018 through the world’s largest crowdfunding equity raise for a business. Find out more about DC Power Co

Why Brenton chose to get solar and a battery together

With the Redback solar & battery package you can generate and store your own energy delivering big savings on your electricity bills. Take control of your power and get on your way to energy independence.

Hazel and her family now have security when a blackout hits

Our Sungrow solar battery package provides Hazel with the security she needs in a blackout. And she’s using her own local, clean energy to power her home through the day and night.

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Want energy independence?
Solar battery options

Whether you already have solar, or need solar and a battery, we have two excellent and affordable packages.

Battery buyers guide

Want more information on solar batteries?

You can download our free Battery Buyer’s Guide. Our expert team analysed the energy use of 1500 solar households and assessed over 20 products in the market to develop this guide.

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The top batteries in Australia according to independent testing.

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Can I get a $0 electricity bill this summer?

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How to choose the right solar quote?


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