Our Why

We could generate more solar electricity
than any other country on earth.

It's time to reap the savings and increase our self-sufficiency.

30% Self-sufficiency
80% Self-sufficiency
Energy Self Suffiency
Energy Savings
Savings Guarantee

Wholesale savings for your energy bill.
We guarantee it.

If you don't save money on your energy bill after switching to DC Power Co., we'll refund the difference plus 10%*.

Business Model
Business Model

Our profits aren't made selling you energy you don't need.

With wholesale rates from the grid and a range of services to give you transparency over your energy, our revolutionary business model is a true win-win.

No more energy mark-ups

DC Power Co. customers will be charged a reasonable monthly fee for:

  • Connection to the grid
  • Wholesale energy prices for grid energy top-up
  • Advice on optimising your solar system and usage
  • Ability to sell excess solar back to the grid
  • Insights into when it will make sense to purchase a battery or other home energy devices.

DC Power Co. is the energy services company of the future.

The best deals on solar technologies

We'll use our buying power to look after the needs of Australia's solar households, providing:

  • The best service on installations & upgrades
  • The best deals on new battery, smart home solution and monitoring technologies
  • Transparency about what is right for you

At DC Power Co. we also intend to keep on innovating and helping our customers evaluate new technology such as electric vehicles supporting their uptake in the Australian market.

Solar Owners
Equity crowd funded

For the first time,
we can be the power

With 17,625 investments and over $2.4m raised, DC Power Co. was started with the worlds largest equity crowd-funding campaign.

Together, we have the power to create genuine change and build a company focused on solar people's needs.


Our team has been working in the Energy and Sustainability space for many years.

Monique Conheady


Nic Frances Gilley MBE


Emma Jenkin


Nick Brass

Energy & Partnership

Monique Conheady

Engineer turned marketer, Monique is the founder of car-sharing disruptor Flexicar. She led the Hertz marketing team before becoming a board member for a range of companies aimed at improving Australia’s environmental and social conditions.

Nic Frances Gilley MBE

Social entrepreneur and Founder of Easy Being Green and Cool nrg. Nic is a true visionary always looking for ways to improve the world and find a better deal for all Australians.

Emma Jenkin

Commodity trader, investment banker and key member of energy saving company Cool nrg. While working for UBS, Emma raised over $2bn of IPO capital and managed a $1bn commodity book that included complex derivatives. She knows her numbers.

Nick Brass

Solar expert, co-founder of Energy Matters, and driving force of Cool nrg. Nick is now facilitating some of the country’s largest commercial and industrial solar plants.

Terms & Conditions

Savings Guarantee

DC Power Co. intends to offer a Savings Guarantee: eligible customers of DC Power Co. will save money on energy bills (compared to what they paid with their previous energy provider) or we will refund the difference plus 10%.

We want to make this commitment because we are confident that through a combination of: a competitive retail market offer; a fair feed-in tariff; real energy efficiency advice; and solar optimisation, a solar customer will be better off with us.

The DC Power Co. Savings Guarantee demonstrates our commitment to deliver lower energy bills for Australians with solar and should give confidence to investors and customers that we will be the predominant energy retailer for solar households.

To be eligible for the Savings Guarantee, customers must be with DC Power Co. for at least 12 months and must have been with their previous energy provider for at least 12 months.

Full terms and conditions of this Savings Guarantee will be finalised once we have built a full electricity retail offer and will be subject to further regulatory and commercial factors.