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Our services are designed to make your solar work harder and are backed by solar specialists dedicated to saving you money.

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We have no vested interest in selling you more electricity. Our charges aren't hidden in your usage rate, they're called out on your bill. Because we value transparency.

Tailored advice to help you save

Every home is different, which is why our services are tailored to you. There is no issue too big or small when it comes to reducing your bill.

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Solar households are unique, which is why our business model is too.

We have no vested interested in getting you to use more electricity from the grid and no financial interest in selling you more. Our capped $10 (GST exc) monthly DC Fee isn’t hidden in your usage rate, it’s called out on your bill. We believe in transparent pricing so you know exactly where your dollar is going.


5kW system + 5kW battery, Ascot Vale, VIC

I went through three power companies in three months and chose DC Power Co. With their app and insights I can use less electricity from the grid and save money.


2 x 2kW system, Bacchus Marsh, VIC

I love the services DC Power Co offer, especially the app. It lets me see my solar generation at home from anywhere, even when I’m travelling.


10.45kW system, Mudgee, NSW

My previous power company called to try and convince me not to switch to DC Power Co. So I told them, ‘I just bought a power company!’ I love that I’m both an owner and a customer.

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